British Lawnmower Museum

The British Lawnmower Museum in the Southport area of Merseyside is a perfect museum to visit if you want to try out a museum with a difference. The founder of the museum, Brian Radam, comes from a long line of lawnmower experts. He dreamt up this fascinating museum to help to show the rest of the world why he has such a passion for lawnmowers.

Although the lawnmower was officially patented in 1830 by a textile mill worker in Stroud, early ideas for grass cutting machines date back to the end of the eighteenth century. The museum includes many artefacts which date back to the Victorian and Edwardian eras. There are even examples of mower technology which have been created by technical giants such as Rolls Royce and British Leyland.

It is a great stopping point for those who love gardening, technology or vintage machinery, as it rolls all three genres into one. The museum is packed full of antique garden machinery, old maintenance manuals, unusual lawnmower parts and vintage mowers. You will also have the opportunity to see “Lawnmowers of the Rich and Famous”, including machines belonging to stars as diverse as Alan Titchmarsh and the Royal Family!

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