North West Museum of Road Transport

The North West Museum of Road Transport is situated in St Helen’s, and is a great museum to visit if you want to get out of the city centre for a while. It is only opened on weekends, so make sure that you plan ahead to make sure that the museum will be open when you visit. Check the museum’s website to find out details of any special events or excursions that are being run.

The museum specialises in historic road vehicles from the North West of the United Kingdom. Buses and public transportation are one of the major themes that run through the museum, and many of the exhibitions have been donated to the museum by local municipal bus or public transport companies. Visitors have the opportunity to see and experience a range of different cars, trucks, fire engines, buses and trams from the last 200 years. Some exhibitions are hands on, and the museum occasionally runs excursions, such as vintage bus rides.

The museum also houses a unique “Museum of Fare Collection”. This area showcases transport tickets and fare collection devices from all over the world. There are over 1000 ticket machines, including examples which date back to 1886.

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