Smithy Heritage Centre

The Smithy Heritage Centre, which is an excellent example of a local history museum, is based in the Eccleston area of Merseyside. Although it is a small museum, it is well-worth making the trip to visit it, if you are interested in the human aspect of history.

The building which houses the Smithy Heritage Centre was once the blacksmith’s forge and wheelwright of Eccleston. The area was previously more rural and these trades would have been central to the community. The museum has been designed to celebrate these unique aspects of rural heritage. Amongst the items that are on display, visitors will be able to see original tools and products from the forge. It is also possible to find out more about the skills that these tradesmen used and why they were so important to the local community.

The museum also houses a permanent exhibition of artefacts relating to the wider history and heritage of Eccleston. There are a range of maps, documents and photographs which show how Eccleston grew to become the place that it is today. Artefacts which are on display date back to the Tudor period, and will interest anyone who enjoys local history.

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