Garstang Museum of Archaeology

The Garstang Museum of Archaeology showcases one of the most important collections of archaeological antiquities and historic relics in the United Kingdom. Objects on show in the museum include artefacts from areas as diverse as; the Aegean, Sudan, Anatolia, Egypt, Jericho and Great Britain. One of the most famous pieces is the “Garstang Mummy”, which is currently displayed in a special case to prevent decomposition of the ancient body.

The museum has a good working relationship with many other art galleries and history museums around the world, and has temporarily loaned artefacts to various different museums over time. The Garstang Museum has previously contributed pieces to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Louvre in Paris. Take this opportunity to see these pieces again on home ground.

The museum is normally only open to visitors on Wednesdays, so interested parties are recommended to check ahead of their visit before making the journey. Garstang Museum of Archaeology also does outreach work with local schools and community groups who are interested in history and archaeology. Because it is a part of the University of Liverpool, the museum is regularly in use as a teaching resource for the university’s Department of Archaeology.

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