The Hardmans’ House

The Hardmans’ House (alternatively known as 59 Rodney Street) is the former home and studio of the photographer E. Chambré Hardman, who lived at the property between 1947 and his death in 1988. Hardman is noted for his photographs illustrating Liverpool life and the elites of the city. He also worked with the Liverpool Playhouse to produce portraits and promotional material for the theatre. The property, which was obtained by The National Trust in 2003, has been preserved in a 1950’s style.

Guests have the opportunity to visit the living quarters of the house, as well as the areas in which the couple ran their business. The living areas are small and basic, because the Hardman’s main focus was on building a successful business. There is the chance to visit the studio and darkrooms, as well as the retouching area. It is a very interesting experience for those who want the chance to see how photographers worked before the advent of digital images and photo manipulation technology.

Because of the amount of size and space available in the property, visitors are permitted entry by guided tour only. Numbers are limited to 6 people only, so it is advisable to book in advance.

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