International Slavery Museum

The International Slavery Museum seeks to offer visitors information about the effects of slavery all over the world. As well as finding out about Liverpool’s historic involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, the museum also covers contemporary slavery.

The museum opened in 2007 to mark the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade in the United Kingdom. Although the 1807 Act banned the trade in human slaves across the British Empire, it did not completely ban the ownership of slaves. Owning and using slaves was later banned across the British Empire as well.

The unique museum features the stories and experiences of many of those who have been affected by slavery. There are also areas which highlight how the Liverpool slave trade affected the areas that slaves were taken from. An area is dedicated to the areas of Western Africa where most slaves were taken from.

Temporary exhibits in the museum seek to highlight current slavery issues. These exhibitions help to bring contemporary slavery issues to the foreground and give information to the public about what is being done worldwide to attempt to combat the ongoing trafficking of humans. The museum is an essential visit for anyone who is interested in human rights issues.

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