Western Approaches – Liverpool War Museum

Western Approaches (Liverpool War Museum) tells the story of Liverpool during World War II, focusing on the secret wartime bunker where the British Armed Forces plotted to keep the Western Approaches safe. Visitors get the chance to walk through hidden rooms and secret areas where personnel used to work around the clock.

The highlight of most trips to the Liverpool War Museum is a visit to the Map Room. This room has been kept exactly as it was when the last souls departed on 15 August 1945. It was in this room that some of the greatest tactical minds in the United Kingdom worked together to plan a strategy for the Battle of the Atlantic. The team used huge maps to monitor major convoy routes and nearby shipping lanes. Using information gathered from intercepted enemy communications, they were able to pin-point enemy locations. These communications allowed them to make informed choices about future combat.

There are many war artefacts and documents on show within the museum, including one of only two surviving examples of a phone that connected directly to the war cabinet back in London. The museum highlights the importance of the Port of Liverpool during World War II.

For more information visit – http://www.liverpoolwarmuseum.co.uk/

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