The Atkinson

The Atkinson situated in the Sefton area of Merseyside. The complex is made up of an art gallery, library, and a community arts centre. Music and other types of entertainment are put on in the venue, and it is also available for hire by local community groups.

The Gallery has housed a collection of art since it was opened in the mid-nineteenth century, whilst the other areas of the complex have been added at a later date. Collections on permanent display in the gallery include; decorative art, fine art and historical items. 10,000 years of Sefton history can be found within the museum’s walls. There is also a collection of exhibits relating to Egyptology. As well aspermanent exhibitions, there is also a temporary exhibition space which hosts a series of different exhibitions throughout the year.

The outside of The Atkinson complex is as fascinating as the inside. One half (the original art gallery) has been built in a neo-classical style, whereas the newer sections (the former bank) have been built in a wonderful Renaissance style. The two buildings were joined together at the start of the 20th century to create a wonderful community space.

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