Victoria Gallery and Museum

The Victoria Gallery and Museum is a museum and display area that is owned and operated by the University of Liverpool. Due to its association with the university, the museum displays an incredibly varied collection of artefacts and art pieces.

In the art gallery area, visitors will have the opportunity to see wonderful art from around the world. There is the largest collection of work by notable 19th century wildlife artist John James Audubon outside of the USA. There is also an extensive display of British and Chinese ceramics. Sculptural works include pieces by George Herbert Tyson Smith, Dame Elisabeth Frink and Sir Jacob Epstein. Temporary exhibitions in the gallery space also seek to display the works of local artists, community projects and art students.

The museum area includes a wide array of items from the University vaults. Many of the items are related to medical or dental history. Visitors will be able to peruse one of the most important collections of historic dentures anywhere in the world! Museum visitors can also see early x-rays, taxidermized animals, fossils, and (human and animal) skeletons.

In addition to the permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibitions about the ongoing works of the university are housed in the Tate Hall Museum.

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