Prescot Museum

The Prescot Museum can be found situated inside the Prescot Shopping Centre. This is the perfect location for a museum which focuses on the significance of the local community within the wider area. Visitors can see a number of different collections which focus on the area of Prescot and Knowsley, and the people who helped to make these places a unique part of Merseyside.

The collection includes nearly 15,000 objects, drawing and photographs which have been brought together to give an overview of the area to local historians and visitors alike. Much of the charm of the museum comes from the brief snapshots of community life that are unlikely to be captured and collated anywhere else in the world. Although these moments were fleeting, they were significant for those involved.

The people of Prescot and Knowsley were heavily involved in a number of different industries including; pottery manufacture, cable making, coal mining and watchmaking. The museum includes many different objects that are related to these industries, including; tools, uniforms and finished products. Visitors can also see trophies, badges, medals, military items, coins, domestic items and architectural fragements which have been found in the local area.

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