St George’s Hall

St George’s Hall is situated in the heart of Liverpool city centre and acts as a civic centre and local performance venue. It is a wonderful example of a Neoclassical building, and has been awarded Grade I listed building status. The hall and the areas around it are also protected by UNESCO World Heritage status.

Construction of the hall commenced in 1841, with the express purpose of creating a special venue in Liverpool for festivals, concerts, seminars, meetings and formal dinners. Civil and Crown court rooms were also included in the designs. In 2005, it was recognised that St George’s Hall was the world’s first air conditioned building, thanks to a clever system that was designed by Dr Boswell Reid. This system was installed in the basement and operated by a team of workers who opened and closed a series of canvas flaps in order to circulate air around the building.

Following restoration in 2007, St George’s Hall played a large part in Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture celebrations. Ringo Starr performed on the roof of the venue as part of the People’s Opening ceremony. The Heritage Centre at the also hall includes a program of exhibitions about the history of the building.

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