The Spaceport museum in Seacombe is a great place for all budding astronauts to visit. The interactive exhibitions are designed to help children over the age of 7 to understand and enjoy physics, space and space travel. It is possible to buy a joint ticket for the Spaceport and a ride on the historic Mersey Ferry.

The downstairs portion of the museum gives lots of easy to digest information about our planet, our solar system, the Milky Way, and the universe beyond that. Upstairs is filled with interactive games and equipment which is designed to give visitors a hands-on experience that will allow them to learn about the wonders of the universe whilst they are having fun.

The Feel the Force area gives visitors the chance to understand the forces of the universe and why they are important to us. You will have the chance to play with magnetic fields, test gravity and see the power of a vortex. In another zone, you will get the chance to play around with light and the ways that we perceive the images that we are shown. This awesome exhibit includes a range of optical illusions which will leave you questioning what is in front of your eyes.

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