Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool is part of the national Tate group of art galleries, with sister galleries in London and Cornwall. In order to celebrate Liverpool’s heritage, the Liverpool gallery has been housed within a converted warehouse in the Albert Dock area. The gallery was first opened in 1988 to provide the Tate group with an exhibition space in the North West of the country. For many years, it was the country’s largest contemporary art space outside of London.

The permanent exhibits house hundreds of different contemporary art pieces from the past century from some of the world’s most famous artists. Displayed items include a mixture of paintings, sculptures, photographs and other contemporary art forms. Pieces are regularly loaned to the gallery from other members of the Tate group, and the gallery frequently houses temporary exhibitions from leading artists.

In addition to permanent exhibits and temporary shows, the gallery also hosts performance events and new media exhibitions. The foyer has played host to a number of live performances. Access may be restricted if a live performance is scheduled in this area. Visitors are recommended to check online for information about upcoming events and temporary exhibits to help them to plan their visit.

For more information visit – http://www.tate.org.uk/visit/tate-liverpool

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