Mendips (251 Menlove Avenue) in the Woolton area of Liverpool is the childhood home of Beatles star John Lennon. The home was owned by his Aunt Mimi, who raised John instead of his mother. He lived there between 1946 and 1963. Pop fans will also recognise the house as the one which is featured on the sleeve of the Oasis single Live Forever. 

Following major changes made by subsequent owners, the house was eventually bought by Yoko Ono and donated to The National Trust. It has now been restored to its 1950s style to give visitors a taste of how the property was when John Lennon lived there. Visitors will also be able to see places where Lennon practiced guitar and came up with some of his earlier works, including the music that he played whilst part of the Quarrymen. 

Visitors may only go inside the house as part of an organised tour group run by the Trust. These tours normally combine Mendips with a tour of 20 Forthlin Avenue where Paul McCartney grew up. Tour groups are kept to a relatively small size to protect the homes and to allow people to look around the houses properly without feeling overcrowded.

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